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Welcome to the Stag Owner's Club in New Zealand

The Stag Owners Club in New Zealand was formed in 1984 to provide Stag owners the opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts, to share technical knowledge and to provide parts for their cars at reasonable prices. Club members regularly enjoy social gatherings usually in the form of runs organised by the respective regional co-ordinators. The club also publishes a magazine which comes out quarterly. Here you can read about events attended in the various regions and catch up on a bit of technical data. The club has over 130 members nationwide with the majority situated in the greater Auckland area. It also has a register of all known Stags in New Zealand either in the club or not. If you are interested in joining the club please email the Secretary.

News: - read the response to recent WOF reform moves from the New Zealand Federation of Motoring Clubs - click here (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

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